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Cereal Bar Machine

Cereal Bar Machine

Muesli bar is popular snacks food in the market, also it has various kinds of materials can be used. Caramel treats can also be made by Cereal Bar Cutting Machine. Materials caramel are well mixed with fried flour, then being rolled & pressed by four sets of rollers to achieve same thickness. The adjustable cutter could realize the caramel treats with different sizes.

Granola Bar Cutting Machine also could have many adjustments to deal with kinds of materials. For example, while the materials are difficult to be cooled down, we will add a Cooling Tunnel. If the customers want to coat chocolate on the surface of muesli bar, we will add a Spreader to separate some distance between the granola bar. While the customers want to increase the capacity, we will install moveable cutter or multi-cutting device on Oat Bar Cutting Machine.

Dragons Machine is the most professional manufacturer in Cereal Bar Machine, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for further negotiations.

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