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Cereal bars, muesli bars, oat pieces, nut bars as well as raw bars. Generally talking these sandwich shops have a healthy image. Appealing, earth-toned product packaging, pictures of whole grains, nuts and also fruit as well as cases of "no synthetic colours and flavours" are common. Also, the brand adds to the wellness halo (think All Natural Bakeshop, Be Natural, Go All-natural, Nature Valley and also Nice & Natural).

Muesli Bar Machine

Muesli Bar Machine

So it could come as a shock to discover that much of these bars are so packed with hydrogenated fat as well as sugar, they have extra alike with products in the confectionery aisle than those in the health food aisle.

In our contemporary, hectic globe, snacking has become a prominent way to please desires without the moment financial investment of a square meal. Higher disposable revenues, more healthy snack foods, and transforming mindsets in the direction of consuming have integrated to make comfort junk food exceptionally preferred.

Before you eat your following snack, consider how it got to you-- just how it was created, packaged, and provided.

If you're a lot more into healthy and balanced treats, you might be a big granola bar lover-- so let's talk about these treats currently.

Many granola bars are produced likewise. All of the ingredients (oats, nuts, raisins, sugars, as well as other ingredients) are mixed with each other in Muesli Bar Forming Machine, as well as fed out of the mixer in a level "sheet" on a conveyor belt. This sheet is prepared in a large, conveyor-fed oven.

There are usually 30-40 slicer blades lined up straight on the conveyor belt, as well as each one must carry out accurately, and also have the ability to slice with these raw, soft granola bars.

Next off, a large guillotine knife slices the bars right into their appropriate length. From here, the granola bars will be sent out to solidify before product packaging.

After that, a Muesli Bar Machine is utilized to perfectly package and also seal each individual granola bar.

As you can see, top notch knives and also securing devices are absolutely vital at every stage of manufacturing. For granola bars, accumulation as well as stickiness have to be taken into consideration, so you need to choose the proper blades with the best covering to stay clear of manufacturing downtime.

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