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A Detail regarding Muesli Bar Cutting Machine

Muesli Bar Cutting Machine is popular from Dragons Machine, which could produce muesli bar and cereal bar with very good quality and shape.

On this Granolar Bar Machine, there has 4 sets of rollers to roll the materials as a flat piece with same thickness. So it requires 4 sets of rollers have the same distance to the conveying belt. But how to adjust this distance easily? Most machine manufacturers will tell you, “adjust the distance as experience”. But how could a new operator get experience from beginning? If make too much waste products, the cost is too high!

Now, Dragons Machine have settled the problem. For each set of roller, we have installed a pair of dial gauge. While rotate the adjusting handle, the dial gauge will display the distance. So make all the dial gauge to show the same data, isn’t it very easy?

Details are necessary factors, and Dragons Machine always consider for our customers.

Muesli Bar Cutting Machine

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