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Macaroni Processing Line's repair is based on the wear and tear of certain parts found during equipment maintenance, and is determined by the equipment technicians. There is a planned replacement of certain parts to ensure that the equipment can work properly. Equipment maintenance work can be divided into scheduled normal maintenance and maintenance of sudden accidents.

Macaroni Processing Line

Macaroni Processing Line

1. Normal maintenance will be arranged by the production survey meeting, giving time for equipment maintenance. Normally, repair work is performed simultaneously with regular maintenance of the equipment. Maintenance work items of the extruder: ① Replace worn gears, pulleys, rolling bearings and V-belts; ② Grind and trim the scratches and burrs on the working surface of the barrel and screw to achieve smooth, non-sticky materials; ③ Check the heating resistance Replace the damaged cast aluminum heating jacket; ④ If the gap between the screw and the barrel device is too far apart, the equipment the technician decides to repair the screw and barrel by repairing the welding or replacing the screw; ⑤ The bearing glands are re-installed Replace the gasket.

2. Sudden accident maintenance This sudden accident maintenance is an unplanned emergency. In the normal operation of the extruder, due to metal foreign matter falling into the barrel, or because the barrel temperature is low and the temperature instrument fails, plasticizing the material is not good, and the screw rotation torque suddenly increases, causing the screw, gear or The working load of the thrust bearing is severely overloaded and damaged. Another possibility is that the motor is overloaded and burned for a long time. In order to ensure the completion of the monthly production plan, for such sudden equipment accidents, we must pay close attention to time, day and night, and repair the damaged parts. Preparations before maintenance ① Consult the equipment drawings to understand the parts, accuracy requirements and working conditions of the repair parts; ② Know the quality standards of the repair parts and determine the repair plan; ③ Check the specifications and accuracy of the replacement parts according to the part drawings Quality; ④ Prepare testing instruments and disassembly and assembly tools.

As a Macaroni Processing Line Manufacturer, I would like to share with you the four reasons for the noise of the extruder screw barrel.

During the process of extrusion processing, the screw of the extruder will make a sound when it rubs against the inner wall of the barrel. The reason for this friction phenomenon is the following four reasons:

1. The assembly gap between the extruder screw and its supporting drive shaft is too large, and the centerline of the two shafts is not concentric during rotation and the error is too large.

2. The extruder screw is bent and deformed, and the straightness of the axis centerline is greatly different.

3. The perpendicularity between the end face of the extruder barrel and the base flange of the machine base and the centerline of the barrel cannot be guaranteed, and the error is large.

4. The extruder screw is assembled in the barrel of the extruder, and the error of the concentricity of the two parts is large.

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