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Some women eat macaroni to lose weight during weight loss. Is it high in calories to eat macaroni during weight loss?

Macaroni Processing Line

Macaroni Processing Line

Macaroni, also known as pasta, is one of the most common pasta products abroad. Generally, the starch-rich grains are crushed, gelatinized, flavored, squeezed, and dried to make various kinds of noodles with good taste and unique flavor. The standard (100g) calories is around 350 calories. Some people like to eat soft-boiled macaroni, while some people like to eat macaroni that is not too bad and hard to bite. It turns out that the latter not only saves the cooking time, but is also beneficial. lose weight.

When making macaroni, the basic principle and processing method of kneading are the same as those of dried noodles, but the principle and method of forming are completely different from those of dried noodles. The macaroni is extruded, and its biggest advantage is that it can replace various molds to extrude hollow or solid round noodles, as well as spiral shell, letter, hanging flower, wheel and other patterns.

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