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Macaroni Extrusion Production Line is Ready

We Dragons Machine has finished one complete production line to produce macaroni, which was ordered by a Saudi Arab customer.

This Macaroni Extrusion Machine is fully continuous and automatic from raw materials till final products, ready to be packed. From the video, we could see that there has included two kinds of cutting device to cut the macaroni with different length. While want to produce macaroni less than 3cm, the cutting device on Macaroni Extruder is workable. But to cut the macaroni longer than 3cm, we have to use Pulling & Cutting Machine to cut required length, also keep the macaroni straight to have good shape. Specific Macaroni Penne Roaster is five-layer design to well reduce the workshop space needed.

For more details regarding Macaroni Extruding Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.

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