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Macaroni is a famous Italian specialty.

Macaroni Processing Line

Macaroni Processing Line

Macaroni is a famous pasta in Western countries. It can be divided into solid and hollow. Also known as macaroni, or Macaroni in the world, it is a kind of pasta made from wheat flour. The macaroni juice can be left in the hollow macaroni, which is not easy to dry. Its production method is also very particular: boil water, put the macaroni in the pot, boil and add cold water several times until the macaroni is cooked through, pick up the drained water, put an appropriate amount of salt and mix well for later use. Boil water, add peas, drain the water shortly after boiling, and cover on the cooked macaroni. Prepare a little beef slice and stir-fry in a frying pan for a few seconds before serving. Put a small amount of oil in the pot, pour the macaroni, add water, salt, a small amount of sugar, some butter (according to taste) and tomato sauce. Adding water is very important, it should be about two-thirds of the macaroni. The next step is to wait for the juice to gradually enter the holes of the macaroni, and it takes 20 to 30 minutes to stir continuously. Then add beef, add MSG, stir-fry for a while, mix half a pound of meat with cooking wine, soy sauce, and salt, add chopped green onion and ginger. Heat the pan, add some oil, stir-fry the meat, when the color is cooked, pour in the tomato sauce, stir fry, and cook until the tomato sauce is dark red in color and the sauce is slightly thick. Or put the minced meat sauce into a basin, and take as much as you want according to your taste. After eating, you will have endless aftertastes.


In the 18th century, Macaroni, a noodle and pasta shop owner near Naples, Italy, his young daughter rolled the pasta into hollow strips and dried them on the clothesline while playing. Macaroni cooks the hollow strips and mixes them with tomato sauce. Since then, he built the world's first macaroni processing factory and named it after his own name.

development of

Macaroni is an international noodle product. my country can be said to have introduced, digested and absorbed Italian products. Our country used to translate it as "Macaroni", but in fact it is also a kind of noodles made from flour. Macaroni has a long history. As early as the 7th century BC, the Etruscan people living in northern Italy began to make noodles. In 1000 AD, special recipes for macaroni had appeared on Sicily. In 1740, Venice built the first macaroni factory. Macaroni has been continuously improved and developed in thousands of years of evolution.

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