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As a Pet Food Processing Line Supplier, share with you.

Whether a pet dog eats well or not, whether nutritional intake is balanced, will be highlighted in its hair, skin, mental state, body shape, gastrointestinal and other indicators. High-quality dog food will make pet dogs look brighter, full of energy, well-balanced body, and even "smarter". Therefore, it is very important for the shoveling officer to choose high-quality dog food.

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

Choose the right "posture" for dog food

Formula: As an omnivorous animal, pet dogs have a large demand for animal protein and relatively poor digestion of grain carbohydrates. Therefore, they are more suitable for eating high animal protein, low grain or even grain-free dog food. In addition, dog food needs to contain all the nutrients needed by pet dogs. The specific mix is as follows: protein content is 21-24%, fat content is 8%-16%, moisture is 10%, fiber is 3%-4%, omi Add 3 to 0.5, omega 6 to 3, calcium to 1.5, and phosphorus to 1.

Color and taste: high-quality dog food has full grains, darker and uniform color, oily feeling from the inside out, and exudes natural aroma; low-grade dog food tends to have uneven grains, lighter and uneven color, and appear relatively dry And because of the addition of chemical additives, it often has a pungent smell.

Digestion problem: The final say in the quality of dog food depends on the pet dog itself. If a dog food, the pet dog likes to eat, and the excretion is normal, the coat color condition is better, and the spirit is more energetic, it proves that the dog food is suitable for the pet dog; if a dog food increases the excretion of the pet dog, the body shows a sense of weight loss It proves that the dog food has a low absorption rate and is not suitable for their own dogs.

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