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How Much Do You Know about Nutrition Powder Processing Line?

Baby rice powder is based on the nutritional needs of different stages of infant growth and development, using high-quality rice as the main raw material, plus milk powder, egg yolk powder, soybean powder, vegetable oil, sucrose, etc., after crushing, grinding, high temperature sterilization and other processes, and strengthening iron, Infant growth aids scientifically refined with trace elements such as zinc, calcium and iodine, various vitamins and a variety of nutrients, are used for breast milk or infant formula that cannot meet the nutritional needs and for infants to eat when weaning.

Nutrition Powder Processing Line produces nutrition powder and baby food, which are used worldwide to nourish young children and are also consumed in many countries as a basic ingredient for regional dishes, such as porridge or soups. 

 The production line automatically completes the process flow from the start of feeding, with simple operation, no dust leakage, sanitation and energy saving. It can be easily mixed with various raw materials and nutrients.

How Much Do You Know about Nutrition Powder Processing Line?


The production process of the process line:

Powder mixing machine → screw conveyor → Twin Screw Extruder → elevator → oven → crushing unit → powder packaging machine


Advantages of this process line:

1. The design of the whole machine is compact and reasonable

2. It can be equipped with a conditioner to speed up the maturation process of raw materials

3. International brand electrical devices, big brands, reliable

4. Equipped with high-efficiency energy-saving combustion system, reasonable heat source distribution, uniform heating of materials, low energy consumption and large output.


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