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How Does Corn Flakes Processing Line Work?

As Corn Flakes Processing Line Manufacturer, today we will introduce the work principle of Corn Flakes Processing Line.

The dry ingredients (premix grains, minerals and vitamins, salt, milk powder, emulsifiers, …) are fed, mixed and conveyed in a preconditioner which hydrates and heats the mixture to start the gelatinization. The partially cooked product is introduced into the twin-screw extruder: the corotating screws mix the pre-moistened powders with a malt syrup, injected directly into the extruder ; the heat generated by viscous dissipation and the controlled shear generated by the screws geometry provide the required thermo-mechanical treatment to the preparation. An advanced cooling system precisely adjusts the temperature in each barrel module. The homogeneous, pasty and cooked product is pushed throughout the die which forms continuous unexpanded strands.

After a short cooling period, the products are tempered, cut and flaked using a flaking device consisting of two thermo-regulated and counter-rotating cylinders. They are then transferred to a dryer / toaster and cooled before being stored and packed. An additional coating operation may be applied to add,- for example, a sweet syrup, before drying and cooling.

Corn Flakes Processing Line

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