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How a Corn Puff Made by Corn Puff Extrusion Line?

Extruded Snacks Machine

Extruded Snacks Machine

From manufacturing to your pantry: A behind-the-scenes look at our award-winning Puff Snacks

Shaping into puffs by Double Screw Extruder

Cornmeal is the only ingredient. First, we mix in a little bit of water to the desired moisture level. The consistency of the cornmeal/water mixture is like a thick paste.

Next, the wet cornmeal loads into an extruding machine that forms the shape of the collette (corn puff).

An auger pushes the mixture through a die as it is exposed to high pressure of puff snacks machine. This develops the proper temperature to change the moisture in the cornmeal paste into steam, creating air cells in the collette, and puffs the corn.

After the puffed mixture pushes through the die, a rotating knife blade cuts off the collette to whatever size and shape you select.

At this point, the collettes are conveyed through an oven for further drying. The result is the plain corn collette, which is about four percent moisture and feels crispy.

Next, we add the flavor. Sweet puffs with flavors like butter toffee, caramel, cinnamon roll, sea salted caramel, and coconut.

It is the basic procedures of our Corn Puff Extrusion Line, and many kinds of corn puff snacks can be made.

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