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Completion of Puff Snacks Extrusion Line


Extruded snacks are very popular products. Rice flour and corn flour are the main ingredient. Popping is a simultaneous starch gelatinization and expansion process, during which grains are exposed to high temperatures for short time. During this process, super heated vapour produced inside the grains by instantaneous heating, cooks the grain and expands the endosperm suddenly, breaking out the outer skin.

Puffing is a similar process; differ from popping as a process in which controlled expansion of kernel is carried out, while the vapour pressure escapes through the micropores of the grain structure due to high pressure or thermal gradient. Popping and puffing imparts acceptable taste and desirable aroma to the snacks. The reason behind this may be the factors which influence popping qualities of cereals, such as season, varietal difference, grain characteristics such as moisture content, composition of grain, physical characteristics, types of endosperm, and also the method of popping.

Now we have finished one complete sets of Puffed Snacks Machine from Mixer to Cooler, for an Egyptian customer. This Extruded Snacks Machine could produce snacks food with various shapes and sizes, also it is automatic one to continuously connect with the packing machine.

For more details regarding Popped Snacks Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.

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