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At present, with the continuous increase of dog-raising families, it can be said that the demand for dog food on the market has also increased significantly. Therefore, a variety of dog food brands will appear. At this time, the shit shovel officers are relatively blind in the process of buying and do not know which brand is better to choose. In fact, when choosing dog food for your pet, you need to remember a few key points so that your dog can eat healthier. So, what are the main points? As a pet food machines supplier, I'd like to share it with you.

Pet Food Processing Line (Machine)

Point 1: Look at the Content of Meat Ingredients.

Generally speaking, every kind of dog food will contain different ingredients of fish oil or meat quality, of course, there will be great differences in the composition ratio. As dogs reach different growth stages, the protein content they need to take in is different.

At this point, you need to know how much meat your dog needs to take in at the current stage, so that you can choose the right dog food in a targeted manner. Then, it can supplement the body's nutrition only when it is eaten at ordinary times.

Point 2: Look at the Salt Ratio.

Chloride is the proportion of salt content, so when looking at the dog food instructions, make sure that the puppy dog food reaches a ratio of 0.45 to meet the salt intake standard in the body. Of course, this will be of great help to the dog's hair growth.

At least it can grow a beautiful hair, so that it looks a little more elegant. In short, when choosing different brands, the salt ratio must be carefully analyzed and compared. This will be of great help to the selection.

Point 3: Look at the Vitamin Content.

Dogs of different months of age differ in the amount of vitamins they consume in their food. You know, as long as the vitamin content in dog food is more scientific and reasonable. One is to prevent the dog's skin from becoming dry; the other is to delay skin aging; the third is to promote metabolism and ensure skin elasticity. The effect is very good. Of course, after the intake of vitamins is sufficient, the aesthetics of the dog's hair will also be significantly improved, and the health index will be higher.

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