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Macaroni Production Line Is Online By Dragons Machine

Macaroni Production Line is automatic and continuous line to produce macaroni, pasta, penne, conchiglie, fusilli, barilla gnocchi. It could meet different materials to make various shapes.

The raw material are Blended with Exact Water and Ingredients.

The extruding phase is completed using a specially made single-screw method to guarantee optimal semolina extrusion. When the dough is kneaded into the necessary consistency, then it goes via fitted expires to generate the essential shapes and reduce into differnet length. Low-temperature and long-lived drying system eliminate the moisture of this pasta. After drying, the pasta is heated and stabilized and then transported into packaged or storage right. 

The key equipment of Pasta Machine is Single Screw Extruder, which could cook and stabilizing the materials, and form different shapes. Currently Dragons Machine have developed two models with production range of 100-300kg/hr.

The following video shows a complete Pasta Processing Line in our workshop. For more details regarding Macaroni Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.

   Macaroni Production Line Is Online By Dragons Machine

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