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Bird Seed Block Machine


Bird Seed Bar Machine can produce more shapes product.

Bird Seed Bar Machine can produce more shapes product: Round shape, bar shape, square shape, half round shape, triangle shape, quincunx shape,  star shape, heart shape, flower shape, etc.

Ø Mold and hopper have been done non-sticky process.

Ø All the materials contacting food materials are non-poisonous ,non-harmless , and have oil resistance and low temperature resistance

Ø Cooling transfer conveyor, the length can be adjusted, and can add more cooling fans to improve cooling effect.

Ø Bird Seed Block Machine has mechanical kneading will not hurt seeds, forming shape is more beautiful, direct mold pressing & forming will not get waste.

Ø Whole machine use mechanical drive, no need air pump, positioning is very precise, up mold and down mold can fit tight, shaping effect is very good.

Ø With high performance convertor, very easy to adjust the speed, high effective, steady function, it can work 24hours.

Mold quantity54pcs/set
Dimension8800 x 1000 x 1450mm

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