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  • Pellet Making Machine

Pellet Making Machine


Pellet Making Machine has versatile integrated die-face forming and cutting devices are widely integrated in snack pellet lines.

Pellet Making Machine

Pellet Making Machine has versatile integrated die-face forming and cutting devices are widely integrated in snack pellet lines

These offer significant productivity and quality advantages compared to conventional food pellet making machine, with continuous production, greater flexibility, precision thermo-mechanical parameter control and automation options to produce consistent and innovative products.

Pellet Making Machine Flow Chart: Mixing - Extruding - Cutting - Drying - Frying - Seasoning - Cooling

Snacks Pellets Processing Line

What is Pellet Making Machine

The Export Model Pellets Making Machine (EMPMM) is one of the offered model of Pellets Making Machines manufactured by Rajkumar. As the name suggests, the EMPMM is a heavy dutymachine fitted with a special gear box. It can be easily used formaking Animal Feed Pellets as well as Biomass Pellets.

Advantages of Snacks Pellets Machine:


1. Versatility to process any type of starch-based raw material


2. Efficient control of melt flow and melt temperature resulting in consistent regularity in pellet dimensions


3. Easy changes in recipes and new product shapes


4. Automation features including recipe management, automatic start up and shut down, temperature regulation control for every module, real time trending display for each process parameter


5. Drastically reduced space requirement when compared to conventional processes

Technical Parameters of Fried Pellets Production Equipment:

QL-100S100-150kg/hr800kw30 x 5 x 3m
QL-120S200-300kg/hr125kw40 x 5 x 3m

Snacks Pellets Processing Line

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