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Niknak Making Machine


Kurkure Making Machine

Kurkure Making Machine is used to produce kurkure snacks, cheeos, corn niknak. Kurkure / Cheetos / Niknak are special extruded snacks, very crunchy and delicious in taste.

What is Kurkure Making Machine

The kurkure extruder machine is particularly developped to produce cheetos,kurkure, nik and so on. The kurkure ,cheetos, nik are usually baked or deep-fried to produce uneven crunchy foodstuff.

Working Principle of Kurkure Making Machine

Kurkure Making Machine uses corn grits as materials, which are moisturized in the flour mixer with water and fed to kurkure extrudsion machine.

In cheetos extruder, due to the two rotary plates, the corn grits are squeezed and twisted to curls shapes.

At the exit of kurkure extruder, there has cutting knives can cut into required lengths.

Next Kurkure / Cheetos are fried in hot oil and then cooled before flavoring.

Finally, seasoning powder is sprayed, and coated on the surface to achieve different favorable tastes.

Kurkure Making System Advantage

Due to the delicious flavors and nutrition, Kurkure Making Machine is quite popular with consumers.

Kurkure Making System Application Scope :

QL-100N100-150kg/hr96kw25 x 5 x 3m

kurkure making machine application

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