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  • Chicken Nuggets Forming Machine

Pet Treats Forming Machine


Pet Treats Forming Machine

Pet Treats Forming Machine

Pet Treats Forming Machine can produce dog’s jerky treats with high-content meat.

Chicken Nuggets Forming Machine

Advantages of Pet Treats Forming Machine:

1.This machine can automatically finish the procedures: feeding materials - forming - shaping. 

2.This machine shares the reputation of high automatlization, mini size and easy operation, very simple cleaning design.

3.The whole machine is made by 304 stainless steel, and SIEMENS electric motor. 

4.This machine can process diversified materials: meat, poultry, beef, mutton, seafood, fish, shrimp, vegetable, pumpkin, potato, cheese or their mixture.

5.Various sizes can be made.

6.Various production procedures can be combined for producing many kinds of different end-products.

7.It regularly becomes the most ideal for the small or middle scale factory, home factory and dispatching center.

Technical Parameters:

Max. output40-50kg/hr500-600kg/hr1000-1200kg/hr
Speed15-30times/min15-55times/min15-60 times/min
Patty thickness6-18mm6-20mm6-40mm
Max. patty diameter95mm135mm150mm
Patty weight error≤1%≤1%≤1%
Tank Volume32L150L200L
Raw material typeVersatileVersatileVersatile
Filling pressureMechanical type3-15Mpa3-15Mpa
Dimension715 x 600 x 1400mm2828 x 830 x 2136mm3170 x 1180 x 2440mm

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